QUATURIS L - Corner cabinet - 110º | GRASS

QUATURIS L - Corner cabinet - 110º | GRASS

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QUATURIS L - Corner cabinet - 110º

Convenience and optimum access. The shelves swing almost completely out of the corner cabinet, moving independently.

Kit with:
• 1 QUATURIS L support kit
• 2 QUATURIS L shelves

• For 900, 1000 and 1200mm modules
• Suitable from 490mm internal depth
• Reversible hardware Right / Left
• Shelf load capacity: up to 20Kg
• Shelves height can be adjusted.
• The L movement of the shelves allows free access to the other shelves.
• Elegant and ergonomically shaped shelves. Chrome metal pieces with high quality wooden shelves.
• The shelves retract automatically when closing the door. Optional damper installation (Soft close)
• Option: fixing to the door
• For soft-close apply hinges with a damper.
• Easy installation. The supporting bar is screwed only on the bottom and on the top panel of the cabinet. Doesn't need additional fixing to the sides.

For more information see the technical information image.