10 Best Bathroom Vanity Brands – High-End Vanities Manufacturers

The kind of bathroom vanity you install is one of the key features that help define the style of your bathroom

Vanities serve as centerpieces in both small and big bathroom spaces and come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes. Bathroom vanity cabinets serve as the foundation for the sink and mirror in the bathroom. Many bathroom vanities are sold as a separate wooden cabinet unit, although there are bathroom vanities sold as complete sets that include the mirror and sink apart from the actual cabinet for a more cohesive set. 

Before you go and purchase a vanity cabinet or set for your bathroom, there are several things to consider, one of the most important of which is the size and space available in your bathroom. While getting a bathroom vanity with a double sink and a wide marble top is tempting, it is important to assess first if it will fit your bathroom or not. Smaller bathroom spaces might benefit more from units that have a corner design. Apart from the height and width of the vanity, it is equally important to consider the depth of the unit to make sure it won’t hinder movement in the room. Make sure that the depth of the vanity doesn’t affect access to the shelves. Also check that all cabinet doors will be able to open fully in the space provided.

Bathroom vaniy with oval mirror
Bathroom vanity with oval mirror (Image: Christa Grover)

The type of material used for the vanity countertop is also a major decision as it can dramatically change the look (and cost) of your bathroom. Vanity cabinets are commonly made of hardwood or manufactured wood but there are also some made of metal or glass. Some are also made of wood then topped with marble or glass. Vanities come in a variety of colors and finishes which can bring out the lightness or darkness of the wood for more versatility when it comes to complimenting the bathroom style in your home.

All the components usually have the same design and accents or if not, are designed to complement one another to create a complete look for the bathroom. Sets are ideal if you want to redecorate your bathroom and want everything to match or if you want to create a specific look for your bathroom.

Top Bathroom Vanity Brands

Virtu USA

Virtu USA

Virtu USA was founded in 2007 with the goal to provide quality products and customer service with incomparable value. Through their commitment to producing innovative designs paired with flawless craftsmanship, the brand has become one of the leading companies when it comes to home improvement products in the plumbing industry. They have a wide range of bathroom products and accessories, including bathtubs, sinks, vanities, faucets, towel warmers, and side cabinets. Apart from its extensive range of products, Virtu USA also offers different designs from traditional to modern to suit different bathroom styles.

Virtu USA has bathroom vanities in different sizes, from 16” single vanities to double vanities as wide as 126 inches. Their 16-inch vanities are perfect for limited bathroom spaces and come in a variety of finishes. Virtu USA’s bathroom vanities are made in a range of materials, including compressed bamboo wood that is laminated on the outside, birch hardwood, rubberwood, and solid oak.

When it comes to quality, all Virtu USA products are made by professionals who make sure each piece is unique and original. Their products are eco-friendly and use sustainable green materials to ensure the preservation of the planet. Their modern vanities make use of solid rubberwood, one of the most durable kinds of lumber in the home furnishing manufacturing industry, not only because of its strength but also because of its resistance to bacteria, mold, and fungus. Their faucets are also made from lead-free materials and are WaterSense certified to ensure water efficiency.

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Wyndham Collection

Wyndham Collection

Wyndham Collection is a bathroom range that is custom-designed especially for Modern Bathroom by Christopher Grubb. Grubb is a famous interior designer who currently serves as the president of Arch-Interiors Design Group in Beverly Hills, California, and the owner/head designer of The C.G. Collection, a company that makes furnishings and other products for homes. Wyndham Collection is also distributed under the same company.

On 20 May 2004, Martin Symes founded the Modern Bathroom, functioning mainly as a maker and seller or bathroom fixtures and accessories in California. Symes is the current president and SEO of the Modern Bathroom. Apart from being the distributor of Wyndham Collection, the company also carries other brands in the plumbing industry including Fairmont, Kohler, and TOTO.

Wyndham Collection has a broad range of vanities, from single sinks to double sinks. They have vessel sinks, under-mount sinks, and self-rimming sinks, with the option for glass, porcelain, or granite for the material depending on the vanity. Their vanities also come in different materials for the countertop such as glass, porcelain, and natural stone to help you achieve the bathroom design you want.

Apart from bathroom vanities, Wyndham Collection also has bathtubs, cabinets, and linen towers. Their pieces are grouped together in collections to make it easier to match everything but you always have the option to mix and match too to suit your style.

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MTD Vanities

MTD Vanities

MTD Bath was founded in 2004, right in the heart of North Hollywood in California. The brand has already been in the tile and marble industry for more than 10 years, paving the way for MTD Bath in becoming one of the leading manufacturers of traditional, modern, and contemporary bathroom fixtures and accessories including vanities, cabinets, countertops, bathtubs, and faucets. From their local beginnings, MTD Bath is now known on a national level by perfecting their craft and mastering their trade. Apart from focusing on product development and quality, MTD Bath also makes sure that its customers are happy with their purchase.

Their line of bathroom vanities includes a contemporary line and a modern line. They also have vanities that are hand sculpted by master craftsmen and 100% natural marble stone designs that are inspired by nature and add simple glamour to any bathroom space. The vanities come in both freestanding and wall-mounted versions, made from solid oak wood and stainless-steel materials for durability and elegance.

The brand specializes in bathroom vanities but also have other bathroom products such as mirrors, faucets, sinks, and showerheads. In 2016, they added bathtubs in their line of products, creating bathtubs with minimalist designs but flawless function.

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In 1873, the Kohler Company was founded by John Michael Kohler, a brand that would later on become famous for its bathroom and kitchen products. Shortly after getting married, Kohler worked in an iron and steel factory that his father-in-law partly owned. During the Panic of 1873, Kohler took over the company and by the early 1880s, the factory was involved mainly in the production of enamelware and iron products. Kohler is also credited for the invention of the bathtub, with the first model consisting of a cast-iron trough with ornamental feet.

Four years after inventing the bathtub, over two-thirds of the company’s operations involved producing enamelware and plumbing products. The firm was incorporated in 1888, after an agreement with Kohler and two of his partners. Apart from plumbing and enamelware, the company is also involved in the production of furniture, tiles, generators, and engines.

Kohler has numerous vanities from single basins measuring less than 24” wide to 60” units for wider bathroom spaces. Meticulously made from premium hardwoods, Kohler’s range of bathroom vanities are available in a variety of installations, colors, and finishes to suit different bathroom styles. Their vanities can also be customized in terms of in-door accessories and side cabinets.

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Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass was founded in 1998, thanks to a group of like-minded professionals in the industry. Since then, the brand has been working toward creating high-quality products not only in the kitchen industry but in the bath and plumbing market too. Their products are focused on combining aesthetics with functionality, showing creative craftsmanship and ingenious designs with every piece. From a few hundred items in their inventory, Kingston Brass now has more than 20,000 items in their catalog with a warehouse 200,000 square feet big.

Kingston Brass includes a series of brands that focus on particular products so that they can refine and perfect each type. The Aqua Eden brand carries different kinds of bathtubs from tradition to contemporary design, clawfoot to alcove types, and acrylic to cast iron materials. The Vintage brand focuses on extravagant faucet collections inspired by the 20th Century English period while Designer Trimscape involves specialty plumbing products. Gourmetier features stainless steel kitchen décor such as sinks, faucets, and other accessories and the Fauceture line offers bathroom sinks and faucets inspired by 21st-century artwork.

Kingston has a wide selection of bathroom vanities, varying in styles and finishes. The vanities are also available in different colors, including brass, black, and bronze.

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Design Element

Design Element

Design Element is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of bathroom vanities across North America. Founded in 2007, the brand has since then become one of the leading suppliers in the industry. Design Element provides an all-in solution for bathroom vanities, making it easy for customers to order and install their various units. From traditional to modern designs, the brand makes sure that their bathroom vanities will suit different homes.

Quality-wise, Design Element only use high-grade materials for their vanities, paired with the expertise and skills of master craftsmen to produce their bathroom vanities. For home builders and contractors, the brand provides master bath vanities that can be installed in an hour with no assembly and fabrication needed. With headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Design Element also makes sure that apart from producing high-quality vanities, they provide support to their customers in both installation and warranty matters.

Design Element also offers flexible options for hospitality developers by offering customized sizes, finishes, and countertops depending on budget and needs. They also have consultants ready for architects and designers to make the design process simpler with 3D models and lifestyle images.

Apart from vanities, Design Element manufactures different kinds of bathtubs, linen cabinets, and side cabinets.

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Vanity Art

Vanity Art

Vanity Art is based in Sacramento, California. The company has two warehouses, one in New York and the other in Sacramento, and is considered as one of the top manufacturers of furniture in the world based on size and volume. The brand produces furniture in partnership with ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer in China which employs over 150 workers and utilizes state-of-the-art technology in their manufacturing processes.

Vanity Art is best known for combining exceptional styling with quality products, with rigorous standards and quality control to ensure their designs and pieces exceed customer expectations every time.

Their range of vanities includes single vanity tops to double vanity sinks with soft closing doors and made with a variety of materials and finishes. For their vanities that come as a set, the sink and mirror are included but the faucet and drain need to be purchased separately. Apart from vanities, Vanity Art also manufactures bathtubs, faucets, and LED mirrors.

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OVE Decors

OVE Decors

Family-owned OVE Decors is a company from Montreal, Quebec, Canada that launched in 2004. Initially starting off with just 5 people on their team, the company expanded into North America within two years of operating their business that initially consisted of just bathroom vanities. In 2006, they introduced new bath products in their product lineup, including bathtubs and shower enclosures.

Ten years later, OVE Decors was running a successful enterprise, selling one shower every 9 minutes in North America. Currently, the brand does not only sell bathroom fixtures and accessories but have also expanded their range to include outdoor furniture and LED residential lighting products.

OVE Decors’ wide array of bathroom vanities come in different designs, sizes, and colors. Their vanities are made with a variety of materials, including solid wood and MDF and come in different finishes to achieve different styles from traditional to modern. Their eye-catching designs come with different countertops too and one can choose from granite or marble or ceramic.

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Azzuri Bath

Azzuri Bath

The brand Azzuri is guided by three principles, specifically style, value, and quality. Azzuri’s line of bathroom furniture focuses on stylish design, elegant details, and quality craftsmanship at an affordable price, giving your bathroom a luxurious feel regardless of whether you live in an apartment or a mansion. Azzuri is a sub-label of Avanity, a bath furniture company based in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Avanity is deeply rooted in innovativeness, design and quality, great customer service, and affordability.

Just like its mother label, Azzuri offers the same high standards when it comes to aesthetic and production quality. While Avanity has a broad range of bathroom products, Azzuri gives consumers a curated list of vanities, cabinets, and countertops based on personal preferences so that it is easier to choose the different components rather than spending time poring over each and every option available.

Azzuri’s bathroom vanities range from traditional to transitional and contemporary to bring life as the centerpiece of any bathroom. Aside from bathroom vanities, Azzuri also produces mirrors, faucets, bathtubs, sinks, and bath accessories.

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Ancerre Designs

Ancerre Designs

Ancerre Designs places importance on handcrafted bathroom furniture. The company believes that its customers deserve uncompromised quality, hence all their bathroom furniture are carefully handcrafted using traditional woodworking techniques. Apart from making sure that they use the best techniques, Ancerre Designs also use only the best material to make sure that their pieces last for a lifetime.

All of the brand’s products are made using thick plywood and solid wood. This ensures that the wood can withstand bathroom environments which are usually wet and moist. For the doors of their cabinets and other bath furniture, Ancerre Designs also uses only solid wood and hardwood with real wood veneers for durability. Their vanities are also equipped with soft-closing doors and drawers to avoid slamming accidents and noise.

Their bathroom vanities are finished off with a multiple-step finishing process that ensures the unit is resistant to moisture and mildew, resistant to UV light, and resistant to water. All of their vanity collections are finished with a satin-smooth matte finish except for the wall-mounted vanities.

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Consider the sink

Bathroom vanity with sinks
Bathroom vanity with sinks (Image: Quark Studio)

Bathroom vanities can come with or without a sink. There are different kinds of bathroom sinks that go with a bathroom vanity, specifically self-rimming sinks, under-mount sinks, and vessel sinks. Self-rimming sinks are also known as drop-in sinks and can be mounted directly on top of the counter or vanity opening.  Undermount sinks, as the name suggests, are installed under the line of sight of the counter, making it invisible to the eye from a distance and are easy to clean and maintain. Vessel sinks, on the other hand, sit on the countertop as a bowl-shaped container and is suitable for modern bathroom designs.

Modern sinks are usually made of stone, ceramic, or glass so it’s imperative that you match your sink and vanity. Take a look at these blue glass vessel sinks just as an example, they can completely change the look of a bathroom and may or may not pair well depending on the type of bathroom countertop material you choose.


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