10 Stylish Finds We Discovered on Our Last IKEA Trip

IKEA is known for its classics: the Billy bookcase, the Sinnerlig pendant lamp, the Frosta stool, the Besta cabinet—the list goes on and on. When we walk into the store, we naturally gravitate toward the items that we know and love. But by putting blinders on, we’re really missing out. 

The Swedish retailer drops new collections and collaborations all the time, so it’s no surprise that a ton of cool home decor flies under the radar. We’re here to save you the time and energy by curating the best of what IKEA’s newest releases have to offer. It was tough, but we managed to narrow it down to our 10 favorites: 

The Cabinet of Curiosities 

MARKERAD Glass-Door Cabinet, IKEA ($200)

Leave it to Virgil Abloh to come up with the chicest way to display and store, well, literally anything. Colorful drinkware will look cool behind its sliding doors, or you could treat it as an artful installation and fill it with found objects, flora, and quirky statues, in the vein of Roman and Williams. 

The Deconstructed Basket

VARMER Basket, IKEA ($40)

Bins with lids are so yesterday. You might think this open-ended cradle is limiting, but it can house anything from large logs to coffee-table books to throw pillows. 

The Sculptural Candlestick

VARMER Candlestick, IKEA ($10)

This is one flame you can burn all night long: As the taper melts down, it ends up at the bottom of the metal can and extinguishes.  

The Flexible Love Seat 

DELAKTIG Loveseat, IKEA ($660)

Whether you’re up for chatting and want to sit face-to-face or would rather lie solo on a chaise, this sofa, which features modular backrests, adjusts to your mood. 

The Statement Light 

TOKABO Table Lamp, IKEA ($12)

IKEA is known for its rattan pendants, so this cute glass table lamp comes as a pleasant surprise. It is available in white and purple, but the latter version looks especially moody when it’s switched on in a dark room. 

The Darling Dinnerware 

SANNING Side Plate, IKEA ($2)

Guests will think these tempered glass plates came straight from your grandmother’s china cabinet. We won’t tell. 

The Extra-Plush Rug 

Art Event 2019 Rug, IKEA ($150)

Polish artist Filip Pagowski designed this nautical-inspired textile for IKEA’s 2019 Art Event—snag it before it’s gone for good. 

The Clothing Catchall  

Swap the chair in the corner of your bedroom for this powder-coated metal structure. Like all the pieces from the Nikkeby collection, it’s a total workhorse: It can hold belts and display blazers, folded pants, and shoes.

The No-Drip Pitcher 

VARMER Pitcher, IKEA ($13)

This jug features two different-size spouts (that is, if you’re not including the concave handle), and you can use it to serve everything from iced tea to gravy without spilling. 

The Shelfie Staple 

BOTTNA Bookend, IKEA ($5)

Bookends are the unsung heroes of any shelving situation, and this cutout design promises to hold up your tomes right where you can see them.

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