20 Cool School Bag Storage Ideas

If youre no super mum who has a brilliant memory, then you can be one with these cool school bag storage ideas so youll never have to forget anything again!

One of the things most mums suck at is remembering everything.

So, to make organising your kids school stuff one less worry, designating an area at home where all your kids school needs go to one place (which is usually by the door), is a great way to ensure all the things needed at school are ready and all the kids need to do is pick it up and go.

But your school bag storage areas dont have to be messy, you can get some ideas here to make it as organised and as pretty as it should be. Here are some of the coolest school bag storage ideas we found on the internet.

1. You can make use of chalkboards so you can write greetings for your kids too!

Establish after school expectations. I think most kids need a little


2. You can have your own storage area too with this DIY kids lockers.

DIY Storage Lockers for Kids -- No Mudroom? No problem! {OneCreativeMommy.com} Organize your morning routine with this great storage solution!

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3. You can also put their bags along with their cute pictures, too!


4. Sticks put across the lockers can keep everything in place and to avoid your kids stuff from being toppled down.

9 Cute and Clever School Bag Storage Ideas - Great information, tips, crafts and recipes for School Mums.


5. A simple customised file organiser with your kids initials is a neat way to organise your kids things.

My guest today is Elisha from Pneumatic Addict, and she's going to rock out a DIY Backpack and Homework Center.


6. You can also use some corkboard with their initials on it and huge clips for your reminders.

9 Cute and Clever School Bag Storage Ideas School Mum


7. Make it also look homey and light like this.

Closet turned mudroom | 11 Magnolia Lane


8. Use different colours on your storage area for each of your kids.

<p>This has to be one of the best ways weve seen to organise childrens school bags, shoes and just about their whole little lives. And best of all, it helps foster an independence so children can look after everything they need to get them out of the door each day. From the aptly-named Stuff Masters []</p>


9. An awesome organisation idea and space-saving trick!


10. One of the best things to keep things organised is by using baskets!

If your home doesn't have a designated room for storing shoes, coats, backpacks, and the sort, built-in storage in your entrance will do just fine and make better use of the space. See more at Style Me Pretty  prima.co.uk


11. A designated corner for your childrens school bag and other stuff is a great idea.

Hanging their artwork adds life to that corner, too!


12. Cloth organisers are so unique, youd want to make one.

Great idea when you have lots of kids

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13. You can also hang jackets and coats beside your school bags..


14. You can also pick a six-layer storage cabinet where you can place everything your child needs in a week.

Put outfits in for each day of the week. Makes getting ready for school a lot easier for the little ones

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15. Or pick an empty wall to hang it.


16. Storage boxes and folders in different colours make one lovely storage area.

From Overwhelmed to Organized: Organizing My Home


17. You can also place a mirror where your kids can see how they look before going to school.

lots of different ideas. Like this one - can put backpacks in the bottom and papers in the bins.


18. With just a few hooks and baskets, your kids storage area can be super adorable like this!

Usando la esquina

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19. Make it fun by using bright and vibrant colours.

This gorgeous and ultra-practical school organiser has been styled and designed by Shelley Mason, founder and owner of Lime Tree Kids, and mum of two! Perfect for storing backpacks, lunch bags, school projects and more, all in one easy-to-access place!


20. Kids can keep their shoes in one place too with this idea.

I so school bag organizer/shelves. By Echidna Krafts on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/echidnakrafts" width="506" height="838">

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So, which of these is your favourite school bag storage idea?

20 Cool School Bag Storage Ideas