5 IKEA Pax Hacks That Give Our Nonfunctional Closets Hope

Maybe your closet is looking a little sad, or maybe youve decided that this is the year you finally do something with that awkward empty nook in the corner of your bedroom. Where going the custom route could set you back hundreds of dollars, there exists a smarter solutionand its hiding out at IKEA. Have you heard about the Pax system?

Chances are youve seen ityou just might not realize it. The modular organization piece is incredibly easy to personalize, making it a favorite among bloggers and decor aficionados. It comes in dozens of silhouettes, ranging from tall and narrow to fully built out with shelves. Everything is finished in white (literally the perfect blank canvas) and thanks to its low price, it fits most budgets.

All you need to get started on your dream wardrobe is a plan; thats where we come in. Here are five of the most genius ways weve seen the Pax system reimagined:

The Nursery Storage

white nursery workspace
Photography by Nat from The Palm Co. | Design by Hemma Interiors

This designer created the brightest backdrop for her daughters workspace: a floor-to-ceiling Pax frame thats ideal for housing art supplies and homework. The only thing she added to mix up the Shaker-style front is some simple leather pullsits a small touch, but makes the storage feel way more custom.

The Mirrored Wall

bedroom with mirrored wall
Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand

If youve got a smaller bedroom, go for some visual trickery. We love this idea of swapping out the doors for mirrors, effectively creating one large reflective surface that adds depth to the room (and makes those outfit checks exponentially easier).

The Statement Piece

teal ikea pax dresser
Photography by Karl Anderson

Theres nothing pared back about this saturated teal dresser, and thats fine by us. If youre in a pinch and want a DIY thats a little less of a lift, head to Superfront: The Stockholm-based brand has ready-made cabinet fronts for a number of IKEA furniture items, and the Pax options are especially great because they come with a textured pattern.

The Tight Squeeze

grey bedroom with custom closets
Courtesy of Designsixtynine

For anyone dealing with a tricky room layoutfor example, slanted ceilingslook to this DIY for inspiration. This blogger custom cut their Pax (get the how-to here), taking the bespoke look a step further by painting it the same deep gray as the walls for a monochrome look.

The Walk-In Dream

teal walk in closet
Photography by Erin Kestenbaum

If youre not afraid to spend a little more time (and have some crafting skills that go beyond beginner status), take inspiration from this bold blue closet. It takes some elbow greaseokay, a lot of elbow greasebut once its built, youll have bragging rights forever. Bonus points for the contrasting striped wallpaper on the ceiling.

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