50 Times Common Sense Went Over The Heads Of These Interior Designers (New Pics)

Good design is about finding the delicate yet pleasing balance between form and function. Though a lot depends on what you want to get done, a good rule of thumb is to keep your designs simple, so that they’re easily understood, practical, and aesthetic. But some people throw the rulebook out the window into the dumpster. And then they wing it.

Even though bad home interior designs are something you should practice social distancing from, you can’t deny that they can be hilarious… as long as it’s not your home we’re talking about! Bored Panda wanted to make you laugh and feel better about having to stay in your lovely home during the lockdown, so we’re bringing you the funniest, most facepalm-worthy interior design fails that prove common sense is actually quite rare.

Are you in the mood for some more horrendous examples of design? Well, once you’re done scrolling through this list and upvoting your fave horrible design pics, we invite you to check out earlier posts about design fails here, here, and here.

#1 Steps That You Can't See

Image credits: Paarnahkrin

#2 Up The Drain It Goes

Image credits: Winsthorne

#3 My Uncle's House Got A Bathroom Without A Door, Literally The First Thing You See When You Enter The House

Image credits: muurilin

Designer Dieter Rams is one of the world’s brightest experts when it comes to design that’s done well. Back in the 1970s, he said that the world was full of “an impenetrable confusion of forms, colors, and noises” and then went on to create his 10 principles for good design. In our opinion, he expressed timeless rules that are as important now as they were back then.

For Rams, good design has to be innovative but also useful. It can’t sacrifice form or function for one or the other: it has to be a blend of both. If a product is self-explanatory, even better! That goes for designs everywhere—if something is over-designed, it can create confusion.

#4 My Friend's Under-The-Stairs "Bathroom" Where The Toilet Is Diagonal And Partially Installed Into The Carpeted Wall

Image credits: dbqbbq

#5 Can't Stop Thinking About This Sink

Image credits: aprilcotz

#6 Kitchen Made By A Sofa Maker

Similarly, Rams argues that good design is honest, long-lasting, friendly to the environment, has a shelf life longer than current trends, and does away with non-essentials. In short, aim for purity. Show the essence of the design. Do away with what’s unnecessary. More is less.

However, we’re not the only ones who think that bad designs can be a lot of fun (and not just a warning about what to avoid doing). The founders of the Ugly Design Instagram page, Jonas Nyffenegger and Sébastien Mathys, told Bored Panda in an earlier interview that bad designs jump out at people from the screen and grab their attention.

#7 Imagine Having To Scrub Or Clean It

Image credits: IdahoePotatoe

#8 At Least You Don't Have To Reach For It

Image credits: Henry Franks

#9 New Kitchen Style

Image credits: DrFetusRN

What’s more, atrocious designs also keep on surprising people. Just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of the (Un)Aesthetic Abyss, you realize that it was just the tip of the Iceberg of Bad Taste. What’s more, the founders pointed out that the world would be a very boring place if everything looked tasteful and nice.

#10 All It Needs Is A Jukebox And A Soda Fountain

Image credits: Czechs_out

#11 Why Is There Wood Separating The Hallway In Half

Image credits: a-random-pasta

#12 I Almost Fell Down And Rolled My Ankle On This

Image credits: I_am_lazy_15

#13 The Almighty Toilet Throne
#14 My Parents Have A Bathroom With Carpet That Goes Up The Bathtub Walls. Bonus Points For The Terrible Wallpaper

Image credits: jbird2525

#15 I Think My Stairs Fit Here

Image credits: IsItKandar

#16 Who Says Crown Molding Is Overdone?

Image credits: buckleybuilds

#17 It's Not A Mirror, It's A Doorway

Image credits: daekaz

#18 This Bathroom Covered In Carpet

Image credits: whyangelinawhy

#19 Middle Class Fridge. Lower Class Aesthetic

Image credits: AcousticHigh

#20 Yup, The Fridge Fit Boss

Image credits: waconcept

#21 This Single Square Inch Of Raised Carpet Complete With Lining

Image credits: fourskincheeze

#22 I Can Just Imagine The Whole House Shaking Like Crazy

Image credits: Pashunder

#23 A Shower Designed To Be As Hard To Stand In As Possible

Image credits: Djuna Ivereigh

#24 My Friend Just Finished A Kitchen Remodel

Image credits: SirCadwaladr

#25 Today My Mom Hit Her Toe With This And Was Bleeding. I Hate This Kitchen So Much

Image credits: reemathenerd2

#26 This Shower Has Blinds Instead Of Curtains

Image credits: TrixoftheTrade

#27 Imagine Trying To Piss While Drunk
#28 Wash Your Hands You Animals
#29 These Stairs Leading To A Bedroom Loft

Image credits: zillow.com

#30 Social Distancing Looking A Lot Like Being Married For 10+ Years

Image credits: trautwein-gmbh.com

#31 Prayers For The Contractor Who Had To Call These Homeowners And Explain They Needed A Second Set Of Front Doors Because. Math

Image credits: F. C. Tucker Company

#32 Toilet Room Design

Image credits: OrisLanius

#33 Why: 1. They Put In A Sliding Door To A Bedroom. 2. They Placed Curtains On The Outside Of It. 3. They Also Placed The Lock On The Outside

Image credits: Eeve3_Lord

#34 This "Form Over Function" Kitchen In My Apartment

Image credits: chefmacari

#35 Why Is The Big Face Bleeding, Why The Monkey, Just Why

Image credits: pleasehatethesethings

#36 My Grandma’s Bathroom

Image credits: Maxxerzz

#37 This Staircase Bathroom

Image credits: bagniorrendi

#38 The Bathroom Door Of The New Place My Girlfriend And I Just Moved Into. I Was Sat At The Dining Table When I Took This

Image credits: Humphiee

#39 This Entire Kitchen’s Counters And Backsplash Are Covered With This “Faux Mold” Tile

Image credits: iheartcatsandcoffee

#40 8000 Magic Cards Covering 39m²

Image credits: Polkasalsa

#41 Is It Possible To Change This?

Image credits: Centella111

#42 Neck Pain And A Head Injury Anyone?
#43 Clean Entrance
#44 The Queen’s Seat
#45 This Throne Room

Image credits: mayoroftuesday

#46 Imagine Being A Firefighter And Entering A Dark Smoke-Filled House From The Outside Through This Window

Image credits: thenewyorkgod

#47 The Raised Cutout Of This Ceiling Doesn’t Allow The Fan To Suck In Any Air

Image credits: Rexmatt

#48 How Would Any Of This Work

Image credits: DogWhistlersMother

#49 Creativity
#50 These Tiles That Are Designed Pre-Worn And Dirty

Image credits: toppstiles.co.uk

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