60 DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

Looking for some simple and affordable DIY home decor ideas? I’ve got you covered! Here are 60+ budget-friendly DIY projects to help you add a personal touch to your home.

Do you ever sit around and think, “man I’d love to tackle some DIY home projects this weekend but I’m not sure where to start”? Because I do. Sometimes I’m in the mood to DIY but I just don’t have the inspiration. It can be hard to know where to get started when the entire world of possibilities is open to you!

I’m here to help. I’m rounding up sixty simple, affordable, and accessible DIY home decor and home improvement projects that you can tackle this weekend. They’re all beginner-friendly, and they’re all a TON of fun!

I’m organizing the list by room, but of course most of the these can be done in any room! Just browse around and see if any of these DIY home projects speak to you, then do it in whatever room you want.

You can get supplies for pretty much all of these DIY home decor projects at the hardware store, and you can find step by step instructions at the links below.

DIY Home Decor for the Living Room + Entry

woman hanging a family photo on a staircase wall

In the Entry…

  • Add some family photos to the staircase. I’ve been meaning to switch ours up for a while now, but this is such a great way to add some personality to your space. You can do a few large-scale ones or a bunch of smaller ones. Either way, a grouping of picture frames up the stairs is always a good idea.
  • Create some wall hooks. If you have a small entry that needs some organization, this is a great project. I did it in our second house, which had almost no entry space. It was the perfect solution and added so much function!
  • Paint the walls! Any room will feel completely refreshed with a fresh coat of paint! It’s one of those projects many people tend to put off because it’s annoying, but man, it’s worth it.
  • Add an accent wall. It could be shiplap, board & batten molding, a grid, or just about anything else. Accent walls are a great way to dip your feet into wall treatments without a huge commitment. And they never take terribly long, either!
  • Give a thrift store lamp a makeover. If you want a really satisfying and easy project, head to the thrift store and find a lamp that you almost love. Then, give it a totally new look! It’s such a money-saver because lamps are expensive. Here’s another version of this project for some inspiration!
  • Hang some bead board. This is a huge impact project that doesn’t take too much time. It’s great for the entry, an accent wall, or even a small bathroom!
  • Paint the front door. This is a perfect afternoon project with a big impact. We’ve painted our front and back doors in every house, and it always makes it feel more like home.
 mural painted on a black wall

In the Living Room…

  • Paint a mural! I did this in the bonus room in our first house and it made me smile so big every time I saw it! It’s such a simple and fun project that really makes a huge impact. It’s impressive, and it’s WAY easier than it looks.
  • Make over a side table. I did this with a little table in our last house that had great bones, but needed some serious love. I ended up being obsessed with the finished project, and it was so easy!
  • Make a display for family photos. Speaking of family photos – I love to make a little display that’s easily changed up! I’ve done this in two houses now, and it always makes me smile every time I pass by.
  • Hide your television cords. If you haven’t done this, what are you waiting for? It’s a super quick project that has a HUGE impact. It’s so easy to run the cords behind your wall, and man, does it ever look better than visible television cords.
  • Build an art ledge. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to display a ton of wall art at once!
  • Add a DIY blanket ladder. This is one of my favorite quick projects to build. They’re so versatile. I’ve used them for blankets, plants, and a ton of other things.
  • Build your own floating shelves. I get asked about these shelves more than almost anything else in my house. 100% worth it! You can also hang regular shelves with brackets – learn how here.
  • Refresh the fireplace. It’s a big undertaking for a weekend, but it only took me about 2.5 days to knock out this one! It’s usually the focal point of your room, so it makes a big difference! You can also build your own mantel!
  • Upgrade a bookshelf. I took an old, cheap bookcase we had laying around and gave it a whole new life. It’s a simple DIY that’ll add storage space and look great, too!

DIY Home Decor for the Kitchen + Dining Room

Rust-Oleum Milk Paint table makeover

In the Dining Room…

  • Give your dining table a makeover. Perfect if you’ve got a table you just don’t love. I did this with a cheap table I found on Craigslist, and it served us well the entire time we lived in our last house!
  • Hang some wallpaper in the dining room. Every room in the house would look great with wallpaper. But, the dining room was the first place I ever hung it, so it has a special place in my heart.
  • Hang a plant from the ceiling. I added a couple of plants above our kitchen sink, and it’s officially one of my new favorite spots for a plant. They also look great in a dining room!

In the Kitchen…

  • Replace your kitchen backsplash. This one may feel intimidating, but I promise it can be done in a weekend. And oh my goodness, what an impact new backsplash tiles make!
  • Swap the hinges for concealed ones. This is another one we tackled at my parents house, and it’s a small project with a major impact. Makes your kitchen feel 10 years newer!
  • Add hardware to your kitchen cabinets. Ours didn’t have any hardware at all when we moved in. Adding some made the biggest difference. Of course, swapping out existing hardware is amazing too.
woman painting a kitchen island

DIY Home Decor for the Bathroom

bathroom with cedar ceiling

DIY Home Decor for for a Bedroom

Easy way to display kids art with IKEA curtain rods
simple book ledges hanging in a nursery
  • Build some simple book ledges. This is perfect for a nursery or anywhere where you need a space to store a few books.
  • Paint the ceiling. This is a really fun update for any room! It’s intimidating if you haven’t ever done it (it’s the ceiling!), but you’ll love it. Promise.
  • Build a growth chart for the kids. If you have kids, you need one. It’s a super adorable and easy craft that you’ll always cherish. It’s the most functional and sentimental wall decor around.
  • Install a chair rail. This is a super simple wall treatment that’s so classic! We did it in Jackson’s nursery in our first house, and again in Grant’s room here.
  • Hang a gallery wall. Another one that’s perfect for any room! I especially love a good art collage in kids’ rooms where you can change it up as often as they like.
  • Make some DIY art. I used a canvas, some acrylic paint, and a projector for this sweet DIY wall art in our first bedroom!

Home Projects for an Outdoor Space

a cinderblock plant shelf

Plants + Gardening

planter bench with a woman sitting on it

Other Ideas…

  • Add a tree swing. We don’t have a tree big enough for this anymore but, man, Jackson LOVED this super simple little project!
  • Give the garage door a little refresh. This is a 10-minute project that breathes fresh life into your garage door in the best possible way!
  • Make a DIY planter-slash-bench. Another project I can’t believe I didn’t keep. It’s so cute, only took a few hours to build, and looks great anywhere.
  • Stain your fence. This is a must if you haven’t done it yet. It adds so much durability to the fence, and it looks great too!
  • Refresh your metal awning. I hated the ugly metal awning over our patio at our last house. But, once I painted it black I suddenly LOVED it. And all it took was a few cans of spray paint!
  • Make a DIY wreath for the front door. This is fun for any season, and you just need some faux greenery and a hot glue gun!
  • Paint the patio ceiling. This is a quick afternoon project, and it’s such a fun touch. I rounded up a ton of cute options for colors in that post, too!
  • Add a chalkboard to the back fence. We’ve done this twice now, and the kids love it so much. Such a great way to encourage some creativity outside!
  • Build a little table for behind your sofa. I built this little table in an afternoon, and it has added SO MUCH function to the patio! It’s a great place for drinks, plants, and a backyard speaker!
  • Build a simple bench for the front porch. I’m still so proud of this little bench I built last year. It looks gorgeous on the porch, and it’s honestly a great project for inside, too!
  • Hang some string lights. And finally, every backyard needs some string lights. And if you think you don’t have a good spot for them – try the fence!

And there you have it. SIXTY simple, affordable DIY home decor and home improvement projects that you can tackle this weekend. Can’t wait to hear what you try first – you should have plenty of inspiration to get you started with all these step by step tutorials!

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