72 Slightly Odd Things You Have Probably Secretly Done That Everyone Else Has Too

Have you ever wondered if you’re the only one in the world who does certain things? Well, we’ve got good news: You’re probably not. There are so many things everyone does that are so weirdly specific and familiar it’s hard to believe we’re not all living the same life. Everyone has their own little quirks and weird habits, but some parts of our lives just seem to be universal.

For example, we’re 100% positive you also hit the elevator button multiple times. Or lower the music volume on your car stereo while parking so you can “see better.” Or have imaginary arguments in your head. The list goes on and on. The truth is that, despite all the cultural differences, diverse social norms, and individual tastes, we’re all somehow still connected by these relatable situations and sometimes embarrassing habits. And it’s funny to think about how many of these actions we do without even realizing it because they’re so normal. 

We could write a whole book with all the secret things people do, but we decided to stick to a simple list. So here are some small actions that you probably do in secret — but that everyone else also does!

#1 Reading The Instructions On A Food Package, Tossing It In The Garbage, And Then Retrieving It Because You've Already Forgotten Everything

Why do we expect we'll be able to recall exactly how much milk we need as opposed to water?

#2 Rehearsing A Conversation In Your Head That You'll Probably Never Have

That one colleague at work who doesn't take you seriously won't know what hit him when you deliver the epic speech you've been drafting and honing for months. Even if you never say any of it aloud, the fact that it is at least in your head is enough reward.

#3 Reducing The Volume Of The Music On Your Car Stereo So You Can See Better

How much does reducing volume help parallel parking? One of the questions that we will never know the answer to.

#4 Pretend To Not See Someone You Know

Did this happen to you before? You see a familiar face approaching, you cross your fingers in hopes that they don't notice you, quickly glance down at your phone and walk right by.

#5 Have Imaginary Arguments In Your Head

At least you win every time.

#6 Rewinding The Song Because You Zoned Out

You know when you're halfway done and realize you haven't given the masterpiece enough thought, so you have to start over? I've done this once three times in a row.

#7 Accepting The Terms Of The Agreement Without Reading Them

At the very least, pretend to read the terms of the user agreement on any website if someone is looking. Everyone simply presses the "I agree" button while no one is watching.

#8 When Checking The Time On Your Phone, You Become Distracted By It And Completely Forget What Time It Is

#9 In Order To "Make It In One Trip," You're Carrying Far Too Much From Your Car

A second trip? Don't be ridiculous. It would be better to just simply hop inside the house while holding the milk between your knees and balancing an infinite amount of plastic bags on each arm.

#10 Pace The House When You're On A Long Phone Call

Long phone conversations always necessitate a few excursions from the living room to the dining room, followed by a stop in the bedroom, before making your way back to the kitchen. We're not sure why. It is exercise, at least.

#11 Avoiding Holding Up A Line By Carelessly Stuffing Your Wallet With Cash And Receipts

Does it even matter if the change is correct? You are aware that there are carts in front of you and that you won't be the one holding up the line today.

#12 Claiming You Have Plans To Skip A Social Event When You Actually Have None

Would it really be that horrible to just decline an offer by responding, "No thanks, I just want to stay home and watch reruns of the 10 shows I've seen before in my pajamas."

#13 Giving Your Pet A Pump-Up Talk

Everyone needs a little boost in self-esteem from time to time. Before you go anywhere, remind how nice, smart and worthy your pet is.

#14 Purchasing Plenty Fresh Vegetables For A Week And Not Using Any Of It

After work, you continued to order delivery, and before you knew it, the vegetables started to spoil.

#15 Using A Smartphone While Sitting On The Toilet

In the past, people used to read newspapers in the toilet. Nowadays, it's difficult to picture anyone using the restroom without a smartphone at the very least.

#16 Holding Your Phone In Your Hand And Looking For It

About one million times per day, the typical person misplaces their phone. Most of us find that hilarious and frustrating at the same time, especially when we begin looking for it while it's still in our hands.

#17 Checking Your Symptoms On The Internet, And Convincing Yourself You're On Death's Door

Why do we repeat committing the same mistake over and over again? You know what a headache could be a sign of, right? Every terrible sickness that is known to man!

#18 Using Your Phone To Check Out The Internet While You're Actually Taking A Break from Your Computer

Perhaps the tiny internet offers something more intresting or more authentic than what the larger internet does.

#19 Realizing The House Is Empty When You Get Home From Work And Feeling Immense Relief

It's not that you don't care for your family and friends. However, you are not need to be there with them at all times.

#20 Eating A "Family Size" Bag Of Chips By Yourself

It is not your fault! For some reason, Doritos don't come with an emergency kill switch to close the bag before it's too late. The Godfather was playing on cable, the bag was on your lap, and it's a loooong movie.

#21 Carefully Examining A Product At The Grocery Store Because The One You Actually want Is Blocked By A Customer

You may not always be in the mood for an embarrassing circumstance like saying "excuse me" to a stranger so you can get a package of cauliflower rice. So you've spent your precious time learning everything you can about a jar of gherkins while you've been waiting for someone to move out of the way at the grocery store.

#22 Dancing By Yourself In Your Kitchen

What is it about a cupcake or a handful of dry tortilla chips that makes you want to dance a little? You already know what you did!

#23 Google Yourself

Even a word for it exists: egosurfing. 47% of Americans who use the Internet have done a self-search, according to a survey.

#24 Feeling Personally Victimized By An Inanimate Object

Your smartphone obviously hates you and is acting rudely if it can't connect to the internet. When the printer decides to jam, it is doing it intentionally to complicate your life because it still harbors a secret vendetta against you. Technology frequently malfunctions on purpose, which causes us to lose control and lash out at inanimate objects.

#25 Pretending To Be In A Movie While Listening To Music On Headphones and Walking Down the Streets

It's probably playing the soundtrack of your own action-adventure film, in which you play the main character.

#26 Waiting A Few Minutes After Someone Sits Down Close To You Before Getting Up To Avoid Hurting Them


No one wants to sit next to a stranger, especially if there are other seats available, and if someone takes a seat in the seat next to us and we become uncomfortable enough to want to move, we'll wait a few minutes so they don't believe we're doing it because of them, even if we totally are.

#27 Pulling Back the Shower Curtain To Check For Potential Serial Killers Hiding Behind It

You've undoubtedly also leaped on your bed to prevent the monster from your bed from grabbing your legs.

#28 Sneak A "Sniff" Test

We've all been there: You smell something unsavory and become concerned that it might be you, so you nonchalantly raise your arm and angle your head to smell your pits. This tactic also functions when you are unsure of whether you have on deodorant.

#29 Peel Dead Skin Off Your Lips

You also have a unique ritual that involves a hot towel and a ton of lip balm. Until you go too far and start bleeding, it is always satisfying.

#30 Getting Invested In A Conversation You Were Eavesdropping On

We're all aware that listening in on someone else's talk isn't exactly polite, so why do people carry on such fascinating conversations in public if they don't want you to? You've undoubtedly had meals where you hardly spoke to your dining companion in favor of listening to the relationship drama of the couple behind you—and, of course, making mental notes in your head.

#31 Wielding A Bare Wrapping Paper Tube As A Lightsaber

When your supply of wrapping paper runs out, you are left with a cardboard tube. How about you? The obvious response is to begin making lightsaber noises and spinning it like Ewan McGregor. (What else should I do?)

#32 Overthinking Eye Contact

We strive to find the ideal balance between eye contact and looking away so that it doesn't feel awkward. But you spend so much time thinking about yourself that you want to rethink things.

#33 Pretend To Text Or Talk On The Phone When You're Waiting For Someone

Nothing is more uncomfortable than hanging out by yourself at a busy restaurant or on a busy street corner while waiting for a friend who is always late.

#34 Trying To Channel Your Inner Adele In A Traffic Only To Realize That Another Driver Is Looking At You

Few things in life are more lovely than singing along to your favorite songs while driving. But while singing out "Rolling in The Deep" with the windows down, you've become so immersed that you forget that other people can probably see you.

#35 Sitting On Your Bed In A Towel For Far Longer Than Necessary

You're done taking a shower and it's time to put on some clothes. However, the motivation does not come and you're stuck sitting on your bed and dressed in a towel procrastinating.

#36 Pretending You're Not Disappointed When You Receive A Birthday Card Without Any Cash

Even still, at 43, you still want a fiver in there. Not by yourself!

#37 Pretending To Be Unsure Of A Purchase After Discovering An Excessive Price At A Store

If you've ever gone shopping for clothing, furniture, or even food, you've likely experienced genuine sticker shock when you saw an item's exorbitant price. Instead of becoming alarmed and leaving, you remained for a short while while acting as though you were still debating whether or not to buy it. This allowed you to wait for your blood pressure to return to a more stable level.

#38 Not Washing The Dishes

Those who did not have a stack of dishes in the sink when they were not being reminded to wash them. Then, in order to rip it off, you must soak it for 30 minutes.

#39 Offering Some Truly Transparent Fake Laughter

Not only is it nice, but there are a lot of other reasons to pretend to laugh. Sometimes the fake chuckle is an attempt to hide the fact that we are genuinely unable to understand what was just stated.

#40 Bringing A Book To The Beach But Not Actually Reading It

Opening up that brand-new bestseller and reading it was something you had every intention of doing. But instead, you just took a bunch of foot selfies next to the water before dozing off.

#41 Refusing To Respond To An Email For Several Weeks Before Writing, "Somehow This Ended Up In My Spam Folder"

#42 Being Terrified When You Recognize Yourself On The Front-Facing Camera On Your Phone

One of the scariest moments is pulling out your phone to take a picture and realizing that the front camera is on. It's likely that when you saw yourself from that viewpoint, you immediately yelled aloud and closed the camera app.

#43 Never Hitting Send On A 10000-Word Email Full Of Rage To A Family Member

It's probably for the best.

#44 Hitting The Elevator Button Multiple Times

We are aware that the elevator is probably approaching because the small light is on, but we can't help it. What if we need to hit the button one more time to properly convey our urgency to the elevator? The device won't understand that we're in a rush, so hammering the button is the only option.

#45 Doing That Cozy-In-Bed Cricket Leg Rub

Do you ever feel like rubbing your legs together like a cricket when you slide into a newly made bed? What in the world gave rise to such instinct? Making the bed feel cozier still, it's as though you're attempting to kindle a fire with your legs.

#46 Drinking From The Bottle

It could be a tiny 0.25-liter bottle or an enormous 2-liter container. Everyone takes a drink from the bottle, without using glasses or cups, whatever is poured into it.

#47 Mumbling The Name Part During A Rendition Of "Happy Birthday"

Attending a birthday celebration for someone you only vaguely know. It's time to sing "Happy Birthday" to them, and you enthusiastically shout out every line until you get to the part where you sing their name, at which point you realize you can't quite remember who the birthday person is. So you mumble something illegible and hope that your abrupt volume adjustment won't be too noticeable.

#48 Fall Into A Sappy Video Clickhole

When you look up, it's been 45 minutes since you first started viewing a military reunion video, and you're still blissfully crying while already watching 10 another videos.

#49 Eating In Bed

Even when others are nearby, some people eat in bed. But most often, they do it when they are left alone.

#50 Being Extra Chatty With Airport Security For Positive Travel Karma

Anyone who makes every effort to appear more polite and courteous than everyone else should definitely be escorted to the gate and offered a free upgrade if possible.

#51 Saying "Buddy" To Someone Because You Can't Remember Their Name

He must have introduced himself to you at some point. Everything is OK, buddy!

#52 Practising Poses In The Mirror

You've had to perfect a characteristic position in front of the mirror in your restroom because your buddies are so insistent on taking selfies. You wink at yourself as well since, obviously, it gives you more self-confidence.

#53 Lying To The Doctor When They Ask About Your Alcoholic Drink Consumption

Although everyone does it, "one a month" seems suspect. Give an honest response to this question because your doctors are there to help you, not to judge you.

#54 Having A Fit When Someone Says "Bless You," And Saying The Incorrect Thing As A Response

Your mind in a panic came up with "you too" or "you're welcome."

#55 Accidentally Sending A Text To The Person You're Talking About

When you want to text Karen about Bob, you mistakenly look up Bob's name in your contact list since he's on your mind. The best among us are not immune to it. What actually matters, though, is how you bounce back.

#56 Receiving A Response To Your Email While First Reading The Email You Sent

As if you forgot what you just wrote!

#57 Buying 20 T-Shirts, But Only Wearing Three Of Them

You simply keep washing them again and again. Don't worry everyone performs this.

#58 Fake A Yawn To Smell Your Breath

The same strategies as before, but a different stink source Don't even try to claim that you don't administer the breath test; it's a well-known practice. Unfortunately, you might not be able to detect the scents of your own body.

#59 Social Media Stalking

You carefully stalk a select group of lucky individuals who you have picked.

#60 Eating With Your Hands

The majority of people consume meals like pizza with their hands, but that is not the topic here. We are discussing foods like ice cream, sauce, rice, etc.

#61 Diagnosing Everyone In The Waiting Area At Your Doctor's Office Secretly

The person sitting two rows over with the moist cough? His infectiousness is undeniable.

#62 Keep Tabs On Your Ex (Or Ex-Friend) On Social Media

Admit it, you occasionally conduct searches—perhaps not on a stalker-like scale. Facebook exists to accomplish that, right? Even people who have been happily married for a long time are curious about their previous partners.

#63 Hosting Your Own Cooking Show

You find yourself saying things like, "The trick is to crush the garlic before chopping onions," and "Take very special care while washing mushrooms because you need to set a good example for the spectators," as you prepare your special dish.

#64 Eating What Fell To The Floor

There is an unspoken rule in place that states, "Quickly raised is not considered to have fallen." But when no one is watching, something that had been lying on the floor for several hours (of course, at home) gets chosen.

#65 Pretending To Be Rocky While Jogging

You undoubtedly embody the champion spirit when you're pounding the streets.

#66 Stumbling And Turning It Into A Funny Dance

Congratulations! You managed to trick everyone. Everyone instantly believed that when your arms and legs gave up on you, it wasn't because you stumbled and nearly landed on your back, but rather that it was the start of the most awesome dance routine.

#67 Rating Strangers

Giving a complete stranger a score while you pass by them in silence.

#68 Peeking Into A Friend's Medication Cabinet While Using The Restroom

Whose business exactly are their prescriptions if not your own if that's the case?

#69 Going To The Beach And Spending An Hour Finding The Ideal Location

Now better think long and hard about this, should I set up my beach blanket on this patch of sand with a view of the ocean or on that other patch of sand, a few meters away, with the exact same scenery?

#70 Pretending To Text While Really Taking A Selfie

Warning: You're not fooling anyone. All of us are aware of your true intentions. Nobody duckfaces while texting with their arms fully extended. You might as well be using a selfie stick!

#71 Lie-Telling When Playing "Never Have I Ever"

Let's face it, nobody during that game was telling the complete truth. It's just a method for you to boast about a risky and exciting past that probably wasn't quite as risky or adventurous as you've made it out to be.

#72 Walking To The "Bathroom" When You Wake Up, But Ending Up In Your Closet

Hey, it happens to the best of us.