A half bathroom is usually designed for guests to use

A half bath never has more than two appliances. It rarely contains a bathtub, usually just a sink and a toilet. That’s because guests don’t normally stay overnight.

If you do have guests stay overnight often, consider adding a full bathroom to their bedroom. Most people like to shower every day and won’t feel comfortable using your bathroom to do so. Giving a guest their own space is very important. 

Simple half bathroom decor ideas
Go For A Powder Room
Via Nathan Taylor For Obelisk Home
Simply calling your half bathroom a powder room can change the way that you, and guests, look at it. Although a powder room is really just another name for a half bath, it gives off entirely different energy.

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Another name for a half bathroom is a water closet. So if you prefer this name, feel free to use it. Though this name is the opposite of the name powder room in terms of energy. The name water closet is simple and industrial. 

Add Wallpaper
Via Heizer Designs
Getting some funky wallpaper can really change the way that a half bathroom looks. Wallpaper is extremely versatile and can be used on all of the walls or just the wall behind the sink/toilet. There’s really no wrong way to do it.

If you want half bath ideas for wallpaper, consider soft colors like blue as they are relaxing. Colors like red may have the opposite effect but the effects are so slight that you probably won’t notice the difference. Especially since there is no shower or tub. 

Get A Funky Mirror
Via Mowery Marsh Architects
This is your chance to make that mirror shine! Mirrors can often go unnoticed in large spaces. But when you have a small half bath, you can get something a little eccentric and it can make make a fancy half bathroom.

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There are multiple ways to do funky mirrors. You can get a unique shaped mirror, like a star. Or you can get a unique frame, like one with a rainbow or carved frame. The choice is yours, just make sure it’s special. 

Full-Length Mirror
Image from millermillerrealestate
If you want a special mirror but want it to be classy rather than funky, then get a full-length mirror. You can get a forty-inch one or a seventy-inch one and it still is considered a full-length mirror, so there are a lot of options. 

The best part about having a full-length mirror is that guests can have a place to freshen up or even change clothes. It’s always nice when you walk into someone’s guest bathroom and they have a full-length mirror. 

Tile All The Way
Via Archetype Design Studio, LLC
Tile can make a room look so much nicer, especially a bathroom. The problem normally is that it’s too expensive to tile. But when you’re tiling a small space like a half bathroom, you don’t have to buy many tiles.

Because of this, you can tile the floor, the sink surrounding, or even the walls. And because it’s a guest bathroom, you can buy whatever tile is on sale. Guests won’t mind and you won’t notice if you hardly use the half bath. 

Shiplap Walls
Via Wrigh Design
Shiplap is becoming increasingly popular. It is normally used in living rooms and kitchens but can be used in any room in the house. When you use it in the bathroom, it may be best to paint the shiplap white.

Bright shiplap or rustic shiplap may be warm, but it can also be offputting, especially if textures. It can make a room feel more enclosed, so painting a pale, light color is usually best for small spaces. 

Use Metallics
Via Design Shop Interiors
Metallics can really make a room look fancy. Gold decals or shiny copper hardware can make a bathroom look like it’s much more expensive than it actually is. You can even get homey metallics instead of extravagant ones. 

When done in a larger room, it can be overwhelming to add many metallics. But in a small space, it can add that extra glimmer that’s needed to make it feel like you chose to have a small bathroom instead of being forced into one. 

Pop Of Color
Via Hardin Builders Inc.
Never add too much color to a half bathroom. You can add a decent amount, but it shouldn’t take up more than 20-30% of the area. You can choose a color or two but don’t overdo it or else it can be bombarding.

However, don’t be afraid to dd that color. It can actually make guests feel more welcome as they will feel a bit of personality when they enter. No one likes using public restrooms, so a bit of color is never a bad thing. 

Invest In A Bidet
Via J.THOM Residential Design & Materials
Bidets are popular in many countries but haven’t quite caught on yet in America. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t readily available. Adding one to your half bathroom can do wonders for the feel of the room. 

When you install a bidet, make sure you offer toilet paper too. Some people don’t like using bidets, so there should always be options. But in the end, it’s a great addition that can make people feel like they are getting pampered. 

Fancy Lighting
Via Tim Stuart, Builder. Inc.
You may not immediately notice a lighting source when you walk into a room, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Especially in a small space, as you will notice every detail eventually. It is a bathroom, after all.

You can get something like a chandelier for a fancier look or some nice recessed lights that cover a wide range for a simplistic look. If you do add color, getting colored light covers can be a unique way to express it. 

Utilize Your Space
Via Roomscapes Cabinetry and Design Center
Whether it be a corner sink or a cabinet over the toilet, utilizing your space is the best way to make your bathroom appear bigger. Just because you have a small space to work with doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped.

Floor space is most important, so keep it free when you can. A pedestal sink with a cabinet somewhere else can free up space that can make people feel like they can breathe. No one likes feeling cramped. 

Have A Supply Cabinet 
Via 41 West
Speaking of cabinets, having one is a good idea. People want to have supplies ready even if they are at someone else’s house. So have one for toilet paper, feminine products, and other things someone might need.

You can even add a first aid kit that is properly labeled. This can make people feel more comfortable as most people prefer to do first aid on their own, especially if they don’t know you very well. If you get a lot of guests, it’s a must. 

Install A High Window
Via Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture
Most half bathrooms don’t even have a window, but adding one can make a bathroom feel welcoming. It can also give people the option to let fresh air in or stale air out, making them more comfortable using the restroom.

If you do add a window, make sure it’s high so that there can’t be any peepers, accidental or not. Since there isn’t a shower in the bathroom, it makes it easier to add a window. Even then, you should make blinds available. 

Hang Wall Art
Via Black Knight Group
You don’t see many bathrooms with wall art, but there’s not really a reason for it. Wall art is perfectly acceptable for a bathroom, especially a half bathroom because there is no steam from a shower to ruin it. 

Try to add soothing wall art that is personable yet mild. Something distracting isn’t ideal and neither is something too pragmatic. That can make one feel like they are at a medical office, which is definitely not relaxing. 

Vintage Feature Piece
Via Allen Construction
While most half bathrooms will be fairly mild and basic in their choices, you should probably add at least one special piece. This can be a nice statue in the corner or a fancy curtain on the window. Just something.

Most people prefer to get something at a flea market or somewhere similar. This way, it is unique and not something found anywhere else. There are plenty of online furniture thrift stores for buying whatever you need. 

Add Square Footage
Via Cambridge Construction
Just because most half bathrooms are small, doesn’t mean all half bathrooms have to be small. If you have extra space in your house, try adding it you your half bathroom. You don’t have to add a tub with that space.

You can add a seat for private phone calls, a nook for children whose parents are using the room, or something else entirely. Even if it is just extra floor space, it’s definitely worth it if anyone will be using your half bathroom often. 

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