A Sprawling Luxury Home in Brazil that Emphasizes Fun and Creativity

This spectacular residence is a home crafted around the sights and sounds of a vibrant well-balanced life. This project is the work of Bernardes Arquitetura and Sala2 Arquitetura, situated on a gorgeous tree-lined plot in São Paulo, Brazil. Throughout this tour you will notice areas dedicated to music, cinema, art, play, enterprise, and so much more. Each family member has room to explore their own means of expression. Explore the photos below to see how this home balances its exceptionally cohesive interior theme with the need for highly personalized and individualized spaces.

This tour begins with a spacious mid century modern living room, its functionality and design based around its star occupant – the stately black piano. Acoustics were a prime consideration with the ceiling clad in wood and the floor carpeted in natural wool.

Two square coffee tables are pushed together to suit the length of the of the social area, a handsome space lined with architectural art on one side and a view of the garden on the other.

A lovely accent chair sits near the wide firebox of the fireplace. Small decorations dot the mantel, including the iconic Eames bird in matching black.

Large sliding glass doors blur the lines between indoors and out.

On the other side of the room, more architectural artwork joins subtle accents like decorative vases. The pendant light is from the DNA Collection by Hopf & Wortmann.

Across the garden, you can see the second volume of this spacious abode.

This home layout is arranged with abundant consideration for everyday life. Residents are never far from a place to lounge, eat, or enjoy recreation.

Stylish shelves serve as a room divider between the living area and a formal dining room. An array of sculpture and indoor plants partially shield the table to provide a touch of privacy.

Together, this collection stands as a veritable indoor garden.

In addition to the live plants, there is also a large glass vase with fresh cuttings. This type of leaf drop arrangement is growing in popularity for its simplicity and elegant form.

These modern dining chairs, upholstered in vibrant orange, are from the Hola Collection by Hannes Wettstein.

A variety of lighting sets the mood for every type of evening. Inset downlights provide bright illumination when needed, and a combination of cove lighting and chandeliers set a calmer mood for relaxing moments.

The main kitchen maintains a traditional sense of enclosure, tucked away in a room separate from the main living area. The style, on the other hand, is undeniably modern with its minimalist wood cabinetry and slate grey floors.

At the end of the galley layout is a cozy family space – a lovely little dining room for casual breakfasts and family meals, a more intimate alternative to the formal dining table in the living room beyond.

This nook is lit by a modern dining room pendant light above an equally minimalistic round dining table.

Across the garden from the main house, this portion of the home seems tailored specifically toward entertainment. Here, a full outdoor kitchen overlooks a living and dining area that flows seamlessly toward the patio and pool.

Nearby, residents can enjoy this casual cinema space. Each ascending row features a different type of chair to suit the individual comfort preferences of guests.

When the blackout curtains are open, you can see the beautiful spiral staircase design that leads to the private upstairs areas of the home.

A causal living room provides a place for guests or in-laws to relax in the entertainment-focused volume of the home. This one is outfitted with a long cabinet that extends over 10 meters in length ending at the television corner, situated low enough to maintain the treetop view. A simple Vitra Cork stool provides height-appropriate seating at the near end.

Now for a look at the children’s bedrooms, little worlds of their own. This nursery features a whimsical theme of balloons and animals and city skylines, all wrapped in a comforting green color palette.

Playful details include a charming floor lamp that stands on two feet like a person, a carved sheep stool with realistic wool, and so many others.

Another bedroom, intended for an older child, takes that playful energy and redirects it toward activity. The bed doubles as a playhouse thanks to its innovative framing. A long table features a jumbo roll of paper built-in for endless artistry.

The storage solutions are especially versatile and well-suited to adults and children alike. Toy boxes are easily pulled from their organized cubbies below, books are reachable from the lowest shelves, and the highest shelves provide safe storage for favorite collectibles like the iconic Eames Mini Elephant.

Each of the master bedrooms and guest bedrooms offer their own unique approach to functionality. In this one, a full modern home office desk looks over the low-profile bed for a clear view out of the window on the other side.

Spinning the swivel chair around to face the shelves reveals a small collection of Vitra miniature chairs – a fantastic collection for passionate fans of modern design.

This bedroom features a unique built-in alongside the bed. This cozy area could serve as a sofa or a daybed for casual relaxation.

The color scheme is certainly energetic, with accents like pillows and poufs in dark blue and vibrant orange.

Here is another enviable modern bedroom, this time with a calm and subdued color palette. Where you might normally find a bench, the end of this bed is capped with a full loveseat and ottoman set.

And finally, a look at the smartly designed and well-equipped home office. A long desk spans the room with equally generous shelves above. Residents forego the standard computer chair in favor of the famously ergonomic and adjustable Herman Miller Aeron.

A few provided floor plans provide context for the layout. The home is split into two distinct volumes, one that emphasizes entertainment and another that prioritizes everyday family living.

The second floor of each volume contains bedrooms and small social spaces.

Yet another space contains a gym and a music room. In terms of architecture, this home is stunning. When it comes to interior design, these spaces could not feel fresher and more contemporary. And the functionality – every member of the family has room to explore their interests and dreams.

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