Best Side by Side Refrigerators of 2019 - Our Top 4 Picks

Side by side refrigerators have been popular since the 1960s. Up until recently, we have not seen any design innovations in this category of refrigerators; the freezer on the left side and the fridge on the right.

Luckily, Samsung and LG introduced new design ideas to this segment. We now have LG's InstaView door which illuminates the interior with a gentle knock so we can quickly scan what's inside without opening the door. Also, the door-in-door (a.k.a. FoodShowcase) design provides easy access to family favorites.

These innovations are not only convenient from the usability point of view but also help us save energy as the doors don't have to remain open.

Our Video Review on Side by Side Refrigerators Overview Of Our Side by Side Refrigerator Picks Ranking Our Picks Best Entry Level Frigidaire FFSS2615TS Affordable price point, Ideal price vs. performance, Proven reliability, 36" Full Depth 25.6 cu. ft. Under $1,049 Best Mid Level LG LSXS26396S InstaView - Knock Twice to illuminate the Contents of the Fridge, Door In Door - Put your favorites to the front for easy quick access, 36" Full Depth 26.1 cu. ft. Under $1,999 Best Premium Samsung RH22H9010SR Stylish, Food ShowCase Door for Easy Access to Go To Items, LED Lights, 36" Counter Depth 21.5 cu. ft. Under $2,299 Best Luxury Sub-Zero BI36SSTH True Luxury, 84" Tall, Built-In Refrigerator that blends with your kitchen, Best Air Circulation, Humidity Control, Dual Compressors help preserve food longer than other refrigerators Under $9,499 Pros and Cons of Side by Side Refrigerators
Currently, there are over 100 different choices (excluding color options) when it comes to side by side refrigerators. You can guess that the selection process is difficult among so many choices.

We also noticed that most review sites rate and review discontinued models. This guide is up-to-date with current models and offers a simple classification "Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Premium, and Luxury."

You can check our blog or the rest of our website to refine further your selection based on your specific needs and budget.

Pros Here are the most critical advantages of side by side refrigerators:
This efficient design is excellent for families that want to keep their freezers organized and easily accessible. Think of the bottom freezer models where food may get buried under the new arrivals. Each door-wing is narrower compared to that of a wider swing single door refrigerator. This makes a side by side refrigerator fit in tight spaces easier.
Cons Main disadvantages of side by side refrigerators:
The fridge area is smaller in size. It might be hard to fit pizza boxes, larger pans, etc. to fit. The refrigerator is always on the right size which may present usability issues in some kitchen designs. (1) Best Entry Level Side by Side Refrigerator:
Frigidaire FFSS2615TS 36" 25.6 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator under $1,049 (Color options in Black Stainless, White, Black or Stainless Steel)

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Why we like it:
Great price vs. features Reliable with hundreds of positive customer reviews Well designed interior gives you space (adjustable shelving, gallon door storage)
Fresh filtered water and ice dispenser on the exterior with filter change alert Over 100 ways to organize the interior thanks to its adjustable edge to edge shelving Deli drawer and clear dairy door Width 35 5/8", Height 68 5/8" to top of the case (69 7/" with hinges), Depth 2 3/4" for the box (31 3/4" without handles) - Approximate Dimensions (2) Best Mid Level Side by Side Refrigerator:
LG LSXS26396S 36" 26.1 cu. ft. InstaView Door In Door Refrigerator - Stainless Steel under $1,999

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Why we like it:
You can now place your favorites strategically on the door in door section. This way you don't need to let cool air out when reaching for them. Both convenient and an energy saving feature Great connectivity for smart-living. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant. You can get alerts or even use voice commands This LG has the multi-air flow system to regulate humidity and temperature for longer storage of your groceries
InstaView - Gently knock on the door to illuminate the interior Door in Door design saves energy since it eliminates the need to open the set of doors to reach for popular items SlimSpace Plus ice system to provide more interior shelf space Width 35 7/9", Height 69 3/8" to top of the case (70 1/4" with hinges), Depth 29 1/16" for the box (34" without handles) - Approximate Dimensions (3) Best Premium Side by Side Refrigerator:
Samsung RH22H9010SR 36" 21.5 cu. ft. Counter Depth Food ShowCase Refrigerator under 2,299 (Stainless Steel or Black Stainless Steel)

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Why we like it:
Most people like to place items to the back of the refrigerator for better cooling. Samsung, introduced "metal cooling" doors that make the front of the refrigerator as efficient as the back ShowCase is Samsung's door in door technology that allows you to place high velocity items in the front shelves for easy access without letting cool air escape Counterdepth design allows this fridge to blend with your surrounding cabinets
High efficiency LED lighting illuminates every corner Flexible interior with an adjustable shelf system Twin Cooling Plus maintains humidity to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer; minimizes freezer burn Ice Master system produces up to 8.8 lbs. of ice per day Width 35 7/8", Height 68 1/2" to top of case (69 6/8" with hinges) x 24" for the box (28 1/4" without handles) - Approximate Dimensions (4) Best Luxury Side by Side Refrigerator:
Sub-Zero BI-36S/S/TH 36" Built-In Side by Side Refrigerator - Classic Stainless, Tubular Handles (Stainless Steel, Different Handle Options, Custom Panel Ready Option)

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Why we like it:
Your fruits and vegetables will live longer in a Sub Zero thanks to the microprocessor controlled air quality, temperature and humidity. The patented door seal is so efficient that even when the power goes out your food will hold out for an extended period of time This is a direct replacement of the old 561 Series. So if your old Sub Zero quit after 20 some years no need to worry about fitting the new built in version True dual compressor system serves the fridge and the freezer separately. This prevents odor transfer and minimizes freezer burn effect You will save money with Sub Zero in the long term due to its 20 year life-span design. Not to mention that a Sub Zero kitchen will increase the value of your home and it is the darling of the real estate marketeers
Built-in luxurious look with 84" height Design flexibility with panel ready or stainless steel door panel. You can even customize the top louvered panel. Install flush to cabinets or stand slightly proud Interior Illumination with LED lights Crispers and deli drawers maintain lower temperatures and capture humidity to ensure freshness Conclusion
If you are in the market to replace an old refrigerator, and would like to keep it organized, a modern side by side fridge might be a great fit. Side by side refrigrators typically do not come with many bells and whistles therefore they are reasonably priced. Just make sure to measure your cabinet opening, check out the specifications of the new fridge you are eyeing and off you go.
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