Breaking the Mold of Mundanity With Unique Accent Pieces

Modernity can easily meld into mundanity. Fashionable spaces that follow trends can all end up looking the same: the same color palette, the same motifs, and the same ideas. But, what if you loosen off the ropes and let a little bit of personality shine through? How about veering off the beaten track, even just a little, to see where the wild path takes you? In this characterful modern home design, visualized by 代代丶, we’ll see how individuality can be combined with contemporary style to build an interior that excites. Here, you’ll discover intriguing touches around every corner, sculpting sublime spaces without going to impractical extremes.


In the living room, the eye is drawn magnetically to a flamboyant red faux fur couch. It’s not your average sofa, but it communicates a deep and welcoming comfort and is incredibly fun. See more inspiration for a red couch living room.


The modern sofa is given space to shine by removing any unnecessary furniture from the peripheral. There are no end tables here and the coffee table has an understated clean, white finish. A tall, built-in cabinet with curved corners keeps clutter at bay. A small shelf extends through it and onward behind the sofa, creating a handy yet almost undetectable ledge.


The modern coffee table is cut with a visually interesting asymmetrical shape. Its stark black base pours out from underneath it like molten rock, flowing darkly across the pale area rug.


A piece of quirky wall art complements the unusual sofa with an equally intriguing subject and rosy color palette.


The living room stands open to a hallway and the kitchen diner, creating a spacious and airy feel.


The curved decor motif is not unique to this home interior, but it is conveyed in a bold and exciting way. A deeply rounded arch curls around a covered balcony area, making a dramatic frame around the city view. A curved TV mount forms a perfect, fluid link from the arched balcony frame to the main focal wall.


A white and fluffy faux fur lounge chair makes a wild contradiction to the hard concrete city that looms outside the apartment window. It stands alone as a single reading chair, bathed in natural light from the huge window.


The TV screen is set inside the curved mount to achieve a streamlined look. A bespoke media console unit fits into the piece with a perfectly rounded corner. The curves in the room are complemented by a unique acrylic table lamp, which finds an unusual home on the coffee table.


The sleek white kitchen installation takes a backseat to the quirkier elements of the living room sitting area. However, a curvaceous kitchen peninsula does strike a bold outline with a smoothly molded dining table extension. Recessed ceiling lighting extends the rounded theme with a precisely curved track.


Above the rounded dining peninsula, a linear suspension light features an elegantly curved shade.


In the master bedroom, a black upholstered bed makes a striking contradiction to the light and creamy wall decor.


Unique bedroom pendant lights fall at each side of the headboard, giving out focussed reading light.


A vertical light strip burns within the headboard wall, where it threads behind an unusual nightstand with an acrylic top.


On the opposite side of the bed, a floating nightstand is tailored around the shallow alcove.


Black pillows and a matching black bed runner make bold contrast with a basic beige bed set.


Fitted wardrobes line the wall at the foot of the bed. Leather handle pulls punctuate their warm white finish.


A display shelf is included at the window end of the wardrobe installation, where it forms a brief decorative moment and a stripe of warm natural wood tone. A flower vase is showcased inside the niche, illuminated by a recessed spotlight.


The bedroom is split into two areas: The sleeping zone and clothes storage space are combined at one side, while an open-plan vanity area occupies the other. A change in flooring defines the zoning and a cantilevered bathroom vanity unit builds a brief physical barrier.


The vanity unit draws around the ensuite in an L-shape, making plenty of space underneath it for a wicker laundry basket. See more ideas for unique laundry baskets.


A black vanity mirror is anchored between the countertop and ceiling. Its placement emphasizes the room division.


Concrete blocks and mood lighting build a feature wall that brightly marks the transition between the sleep space and the ensuite vanity area. A decorative vase brings in a splash of nature and a flash of red.


At the back of the room, there is a custom makeup table and a uniquely sculptural vanity chair.


The kid’s room is brightened with fun wall prints and bright perimeter lighting. The LED strips crisply highlight an attractive, pitched ceiling.


A custom-made bed and desk are amalgamated into one piece. The wood-effect headboard runs the full width of the room, forming a solid backdrop behind the child’s workspace.


The bespoke desk ends in a deep curve, leaving no sharp edges beside the kid’s bed. A shelving tower is built into the end of the wardrobe run, where it provides convenient storage beside the desk. LED strips line the bookshelves and the top of the headboard to fashion a soft and restful lighting scheme.

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