Diary of a Homemaker’s Week: Third Week of January


Saturday:   How is it even possible that we're starting our third week of January?  It is my hope that we won't fly through this year.   I would much prefer to meander slowly along, window shopping and being a tourist of the year, in no great hurry to get anywhere much...Sort of the way we act when we are in St. Augustine and we are parked where there is no timed meter ticking away our visit.   We stop and rest and we get up and wander down interesting little streets and we sort of savor the whole thing.  Now I do realize that '21 might not be all that savory.  But it might be and I don't want to rush headlong through the month.  

We woke this morning to the wind roaring overhead.  It only does this in winter and it's usually well above the house and tree tops.  We might note a breeze on the ground but the volume of the wind, both sound and quantity, are always well over head.   I could hear it in the tops of the tall pines but it was not rattling branches and leaves on the ground.    It makes such a lot of noise and can be unsettling when it goes on for days on end as it has done occasionally, but this just started this morning and by afternoon had settled down to a normal ground level winter breeze.  I wore my winter coat when we went out and it was very welcome.  It was COLD!

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