How To Build A TV Stand 12 Ways To Make It Special

Unless you have your TV placed on a wall-mounted stand, youll have to get yourself a regular TV stand. There are plenty of options to choose from, especially considering you find tons of cool Ikea TV stands and you can also build your own from scratch if you want to. DIY TV stands are not as complicated or difficult to make as you may think and to really show you that we prepared a few examples.

Placing your TV precariously on a stand or a table thats too small for it is never a good idea. Spending a ton of money on a stand is not great either but luckily theres a third option: build something yourself. The project featured on ikeahackers could be a great source of inspiration. Before, the TV was placed on a single small chest of drawers. By adding a second chest of drawers and some open shelves to frame the TV, everything was changed for the better.

This rustic DIY TV stand looks lovely and is not very difficult to build given that it has a fairly simple design. The contrast of color between the top and the rest of the piece is a nice detail which you can incorporate into your own design if you want to. Theres an open storage compartment at the top and even more storage behind the cabinet doors which makes this stand not just pretty but also very practical. You can find out more about it on angelamariemade.

Another cool option is to make use of already existing furniture pieces to create something custom and unique. You can find plenty of uses for the Ikea stands, side tables, bookshelves and other pieces. Mix and match some to create a TV stand/ entertainment unit that suits your space. You can alter some of the pieces and give them a new top, a new finish or change their dimensions if needed. You can check out ikeahackers for a few ideas in this sense.

If you want a piece of furniture to look and work exactly how you want it to, its sometimes easier to build it yourself from scratch rather than try to find a model that suits those exact requirements. In the case of a TV stand things are not exactly complicated. We recently came across this farmhouse cabinet that looks super lovely. It has this simple white frame and glass front doors with vintage hardware and its tall and narrow just as it should be. You can find the plans on buildsomething if youre interested.

You can also take an existing TV stand and give it a makeover. The project featured on ikeahackers could give you some ideas in this sense. This particular TV stand got a new top and new drawer fronts. They contrast with the rest of the piece and they introduce an accent color which also accentuates the space as a whole.

A rustic or a farmhouse-style TV stand is fairly easy to built even if there are plenty of details to take care of. For example, you can really bring the stand to life with a worn finish such as this. Similarly, you can add some nice-looking hardware like drawer pulls, knobs, brackets and so on to make the design more authentic. Its also a really nice way to add texture to the build. You can find the plans for this particular DIY stand on shanty-2-chic.

While a wooden TV stand would suit most styles and spaces, sometimes its nice to think outside the box and try something different. This right here is a metal stand which would look great in an industrial-style space. You can repurpose a metal cabinet designed for the garage and you can give it a makeover to make it better suited for your lovely home. You can try spray painting it and also adding some nice little details such as some leather cabinet pulls for example. Check out sugaranddinosaurs for more details.

Taking a very simple and bare piece of furniture and customizing it with all sorts of details and features is very fun and satisfying. You can do with a basic TV stand. Find a table, a bookcase, a cabinet or a stand that has roughly the right shape and size and start adding things to it. You can give it a new top, add new cabinet fronts, new hardware, paint it and so on. This makeover from songbirdblog is exactly the type of project were talking about.

Theres another very interesting project that we found on ikeahackers and we really want to share it with you. It started with a simple Ikea lack table but if you look at the end product, the stand is actually bigger than the initial table. In fact, its twice as long. That was achieved by adding extra bits and pieces and transforming the table into a stand that perfectly suits the space that its in. Perhaps you could apply this idea when working on some of your own DIY projects.

On remodelaholic theres a really nice project showing how this farmhouse-style TV stand was made. It wasnt a makeover project and everything was built from scratch. You can follow the tutorial if you want to create a similar piece and if youre confident in your designing skills you can even make some changes or additions to the plans. In any case, we think this piece really captures the essence of the farmhouse style and everything that its about.

Some transformations are easier than others and this would definitely be one of them. Most of this TV stand remained the same. Two of the three door panels were removed and painted, one in mustard yellow and the other in dark gray which in this case are accent colors for the room. New drawer pulls were also added. Theyre tiny and have a vintage look, which together with the color changes gives the stand a beautiful mid-century aesthetic. Check out ikeahackers for more details.

Theres also the case when you want to place your TV in a corner in which case youre better off building a TV stand yourself rather than trying to find out that fits and suits your style. If this resonates with you, we recommend checking out this project from ana-white which describes how you can build a tall media console for the corner of the room and how you can make it look nice in the process.

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