In My Home This Week: In the Pink!


As with most of the kitchens I've been featuring this one is from the early to mid 1940's.  Why so fascinated with this time period?  Lots of reasons, really.  Number One is the often imaginative and awesome use of color.  As one who has seen quite enough white and grey interiors these past ten years,  I simply adore the colors.  

Second is that the kitchens are often real work horses with many functions encompassed in one modest room.  The use of space is nothing short of brilliant.  

Third, I love that these kitchens still have some form of dining space, either as the only room in which to eat a meal or as a less formal space.    Honestly I've never quite liked the dining nook in the living room (which is what I have now).  I sort of like the table in the kitchen.  My dislike of it in my present home was that the eating area (where I now have my kitchen sitting spot) was simply too small for a full sized table and full sized family to eat in though we did cram ourselves in that space for the first 14 years we lived here.  
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