Several interior design magazines will feature a celebrity white shaker kitchen because these rooms are on-trend and their only limit is their imagination

They work with interior designers to create kitchens that work best with beauty and function in their home.  These inspirations also serve as Pinterest pictures and new ideas to people all over the world.

While styles are highly personal, there is one common trend that stands out in these celebrity kitchens: The all-white kitchen. Unlike trends that come and go in two years, white kitchens continue to last, even five to seven years ago.

Even more surprising is the common use of the traditional White Shaker cabinet that appears in these celebrity kitchen designs. Celebrities such as Kerry Washington, Michael J Fox, Kris Jenner, and George Stephanopoulos have their kitchens in this style.

Let’s find out which celebrities decorate with this traditional yet trendy White Shaker based on existing pictures from design sites! We will also break down how these are designed if you want to replicate these looks in your home:
Beyonce and Jay-Z photo: Luxe
One of music’s most famous pop power couples has one of the largest houses in the Hamptons. Their kitchen according to features a professional chef’s kitchen with white shaker cabinets and blue accents to add contrast.

The wall cabinets on one wall with the range expand all the way to the ceiling and have golden knobs. The base cabinets on that wall have golden handles and the drawers next to the range are brown for contrast.

On the other wall connected at the corner, we see White Shaker cabinets framed by a wooden arch design. These cabinet doors have stylized gold gate hinges, where both parts of the hinge are displayed. On gate hinges, the longer part is attached to the door and the short part is screwed to the frame.  It appears from a distance that latches hold the doors closed.

There is a unique bold outline on a couple of these cabinet doors, drawing attention to the structure. It appears that this section has white cabinet doors with a partial overlay over the darker frame.
Brook Shields photo: My Luscious Life
Originally posted on the Today show site, Brooke Shields revealed her all-white kitchen in her New York home. Nearly everything in that U-shaped kitchen layout is white and the U-shape offers more potential cabinets.

The wall cabinets are double stacked, enabling more space but also keeping these areas free of dust at the top. The hinges are semi-concealed butt hinges mounted at the top and the bottom for function and symmetry. The base cabinets supporting the counter have the same shaker finish to match the cabinet doors.

The white subway tile backsplash mimics the Shaker design but horizontally, give the all-white kitchen texture to avoid being flat. Having the all-white kitchen makes everything else in the room pop; the accessories and food look colorful in contrast.
Britney Spears photo: House and Home
A few years ago, Britney Spears listed her Southern California mansion, enabling everyone to take a look inside. The entire mansion is nearly all white with some other luxury textures like granite and dark woods. However, the all-white kitchen has the most white of any room with marble countertops that reflect the pop singer’s aesthetic.

The White Shaker design is all over the kitchen. The large kitchen island has white shaker drawers and doors, but also open shelving in these base cabinets. The wall cabinets have about a foot of space between the top and the ceiling. On the ceiling is a metallic chandelier, adding a centerpiece over the island and adding more light to the room.

It is notable that the wall cabinets with glass panels are positioned on either side of the window, mimicking it. The wall cabinets next to the range hood are solid white and this hood appears to be painted to match.
Taylor Swift photo: Lonny
Last but not least, the pop star who sang “Shake It Off” is also a fan of the White Shaker cabinet. How do we know this? Not just one, but TWO of her homes have White Shaker motifs in her kitchens.

First, we have Taylor Shift’s penthouse in Tribeca. The White Shaker coexists with the warm woods of this room nicely. The base cabinets with the white marble countertop form an island that is also a breakfast bar with the stools. Double door base cabinets sit on either side of the oven including a wide drawer with a center knob. The knobs and the hinges match the silver in the range and the refrigerator on the same wall.

The wall cupboards all have glass panels so you can see and display the dishware. These wall cabinets have the advantage of mimicking open shelving while keeping the contents protected and dust-free.
photo: Reality Biz
Here we have a picture from Taylor Swift’s house in Southern California. The space is cozier but you can still see the White shaker details in the kitchen, although not as prominently. You can see the Shaker design beneath the apron sink and on some of the cabinet doors and slab drawers. Here, the shaker doors are more square to reinforce the multiple squares in the windows and the cube organizer shelving.
photo: NBC News
When looking at the reverse angle of the same kitchen, the shaker door has more horizontal length. This accommodates the wider range beneath that wall cabinet. The whole kitchen works with three tones/textures: Wood, silver, and white so that this style will remain classic.

Much like these luxurious homes, anyone can have a celebrity white shaker kitchen. Looking to put white shaker cabinets in your kitchen but need to customize this to your home? Best Online Cabinets not only has White Shaker cabinets in stock, but they also have a free kitchen design service! Feel like a celebrity in your own home with Best Online Cabinets!

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