The Holly Pitcher And Jacobean Cabinet

My step mom wasn't big on Christmas decor so it surprised me a bit when I found this adorable pitcher at her house in September. She kept it on display year round in a cubbie shelf that we called "the barber shop". I guess because each cubbie was just the right size for a shaving mug but you will have to wait until another post to see the barber shop. She had an assortment of china on display in it at her house. This was one of a few things that I brought home from it. I was willing to arm wrestle my brother for it. Fortunately, it didn't come to that. I knew that it would be darling with the rest of my vintage Christmas decor. I couldn't wait to fill it full of holly from our Youpon tree.

I've styled it on our Jacobean Revival cupboard. I did some research but I could not find the actual name of this piece. I was thinking it was called a breakfront but I don't think so based on the images I've seen. It has liquor storage in a drop down part of the cabinet. I've never used it for liquor. I believe that this piece is from the 1940s.

We moved it to this spot in the living room when we brought the corner cabinet home from my step mom's house. Two people have asked if it's new.
I'm surprised that it looks so different from when it was in the dining room.

When it was in the dining room, it held Christmas and formal china.
Here, I'm using it as a library cabinet.

It was so much fun to style.

The clock came from Bill's grandfather. The bird is Lenox.
I gathered tons of old books from around the house.
The large acrylic box is new. It's from the Pottery Barn outlet. I almost didn't get it but I'm so glad I did because I just love it.

Years ago, my aunt sent sheep like this one to several of my family members. I just loved it and waited for mine. It didn't come. Decades later, I finally went on eBay and found one for myself. Mom's wasn't at her house so she must have given it away at some point (or sold it on eBay!) Just kidding.

Mom's collection of cranberry glass came and joined forces with my pieces.
A wee Santa from the Green Flea in NYC rests on the shelf.

The chocolate pot belonged to my grandmother.

A thistle ornament from Scotland hangs on the cabinet door.

The biscuit jar, behind the glass on the right side, also belonged to my grandmother. It came down from my step mother's house as well.

This has an old English/Scottish feel and I just love it.
The pitcher adds to that effect.

I love being able to blog about this old junk. I know that you all have the same sort of affinity for old, vintage and antique. Bill's eyes glaze over when I try to talk (babble) to him about it.

The sheep, the plaid, the books and other mementos have made this area a favorite.

It is funny how muscle memory works, though.
Several times I've walked over to turn on the T.V. since it sat in this same spot.
It's been gone since July. I didn't miss it at all until it was Christmas movie time.

Thanks for letting me babble.