There’s something special about cooking breakfast in a bright kitchen

But kitchen window backsplash design can be a bit tricky. If the window is big enough, you can simply consider that your backsplash. But if it doesn’t take up much space, you’ll have to decide where you want the backsplash to go. In this article, we’ll take a look at some window backsplash ideas for you to make the most of your home’s natural light.

1. Bright Blue Subway Tiles

Subway tiles always make a classic kitchen backsplash choice. Here, ocean blue fireclay tiles extend up to the ceiling and across the other wall over the range. The open shelving beside the window also lets you enjoy the blue tiles even more. This type of shelving works great next to windows since it lets more light flow through to either side of the kitchen.

2. Long Window Under Cabinets

This kitchen has a long window behind the kitchen sink. This skinny window works well with the modern cabinets and minimalist design of the rest of the kitchen. In fact, it’s so minimalist that the backsplash is simply the wall around the window.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t absolutely need to have a kitchen backsplash. As long as you properly seal the edge of the countertop with the wall, you should be OK. However, it can be a bit tougher to scrub grease from a painted wall, so it can be a good idea to at least have a few inches of a backsplash.

3. Asymmetric Marble Window Backsplash

Another way to design your kitchen window backsplash is to use a single slab of stone, like marble. In this white kitchen, the countertops and backsplash use the same type of white marble. One interesting thing here is that the kitchen backsplash is cut asymmetrically, since it extends up to the range hood on one side but only up to the windowsill on the other.

At first glance, you might assume a backsplash like this would be more expensive than, say, a tile backsplash. While the material itself will cost more, you’ll save money on installation costs. A contractor can install a stone slab like this in a few hours, while an intricate tile window backsplash can take a few days to install.

4. Long Modern Kitchen Window Backsplash

The window acts as the kitchen backsplash and extends for the length of the countertop in this black and white kitchen. It creates a striking effect and brings in plenty of natural light. Plus, it lets you enjoy the view of whatever is outside, whether it’s a backyard or courtyard.

If you’re considering using this type of backsplash window, know that it will take daily cleaning. This is especially the case if the window is above the cooking range.

5. Simple Subway Tiles

In this white kitchen, the designers used clean white subway tiles for the backsplash. This type of small window backsplash is more common than a full-length kitchen window and the tiles really act as the backsplash to protect the wall underneath. A white farmhouse sink, countertop, and cabinets pair with the window backsplash and complete the look.

6. Modern Glass Window Backsplash

You’ve heard of glass tiles, but what about a full slab of glass? This kitchen window backsplash combination uses large panes of glass that are painted on the back. Because of this, the kitchen has a very modern and clean look. A glass backsplash is also easy to clean, which makes your life a bit easier. When you do the windows, you can use the same cleaner on the backsplash.

7. Herringbone Green Tiles

This kitchen is all about pastels. The cream cabinets, pink sink, and green tiles are all cheerful and soothing. Also, you can get a couple of different kitchen window backsplash ideas from this room.

The tiles are the first thing to notice, and they are simply thin subway tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern. There is also a border of single tiles going around the window. Additionally, the designer chose to put in a short backsplash of the countertop material just under the windowsill. It frames the window area and also provides another point of visual interest.

8. Ceramic Tiles Around The Window

When thinking about kitchen window backsplash ideas, height matters. In this kitchen, the dual windows are surrounded by a backsplash of ceramic tiles that don’t quite reach the top. That’s because the tiles line up with the hood range on the right hand side, as well as the upper open shelves.

Window backsplashes can be a bit tricky to make with tiles since more cutting is involved, but the end result can be striking. You can also see that the open shelves let the light from the windows take center stage, and you can imagine that cabinets next to the window might have cut off the light a bit in this area of the home.

9. Window Backsplashes In A Corner

This white kitchen has backsplash windows on two sides of the room. Here, there is no window frame so the entire window acts as the backsplash. The window also extends above the floating white cabinets, so you can imagine a lot more light comes into this home than if the windows were smaller. These windows also draw your eye toward the views outside of lush trees and greenery.

If your kitchen/dining area is connected, backsplash windows can be even more noticeable since you spend more time in the room. It can really transform a kitchen into a focal point of the home.

So, which of these design ideas would work best in your home? If you’re looking for more designs, you can check our list of over 55 best kitchen backsplash ideas.

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